Bauker Screwdriver Bit Set 32 pcs

Heat treated for higher torque to resist breakage and wear. Colour rings identify different types of bit. Easy to find sizes quickly. Contains most commonly used screwdriver bits for a wide range of applications. Includes quick-change adaptor and belt clip.

Set includes:
PH1 x 1
PH2 x 6
PH3 x 2
PZ1 x 2
PZ2 x 7
PZ3 x 2
SL3 x 1
SL4 x 1
SL5 x 1
SL6 x 1
T15 x 1
T20 x 1
T25 x 1
T27 x 1
T30 x 1
T40 x 1
socket adaptor x 1
bit holder x 1