Bosch Serie 2 SGS2ITW08G 12 Place Dishwasher £279.20 delivered with code @ hughes / ebay

ExtraDry technology

Get your dishes sparkling clean with the Bosch Serie 2 SGS2ITW08G Full-size Dishwasher.

Tired of items that are difficult to dry, like baby bottles? The ExtraDry technology raises the temperature of the final rinse, leaving them completely dry – you won’t have to finish the job with a tea towel.

Save energy, save money
The dishwasher has automatic programs that adjust the washing cycle depending on how dirty your dishes are. That means it helps you to save energy as well as your money.

ActiveWater rinse
ActiveWater is a rinsing technology that saves water, heats it quickly and helps it circulate faster. Washing your dishes this way is more environmentally-friendly as it helps you lower the water consumption.

The EcoSilence technology makes sure that not only you save money on your energy bills, but the dishwashing cycle is quiet as well, so you can go about your day without being disturbed by a loud dishwasher.