Free bus travel in Swansea, every weekend in the countdown to Christmas and the week of Dec 18 – 24 and Dec 27 – 31.

This offer is for journeys that start and finish within the Swansea Council area. This is the area bounded by Loughor (Ship and Castle), Pontarddulais (Railway Station), Garnswllt, Clydach (Coed Gwilym Cemetery), Lonlas (Bowen Arms) and Port Tennant (Bevans Row) so it includes places like Gorseinon, Pontarddulais, Gower and Morriston.

All journeys must start before 7.00pm

Free buses offer applies on:

Saturday 20 November
Sunday 21 November
Saturday 27 November
Sunday 28 November
Saturday 4 December
Sunday 5 December
Saturday 11 December
Sunday 12 December
Saturday 18 December
Sunday 19 December
Monday 20 December
Tuesday 21 December
Wednesday 22 December
Thursday 23 December
Friday 24 December (First Cymru bus services finish at around 7.00pm)
Monday 27 December
Tuesday 28 December
Wednesday 29 December
Thursday 30 December
Friday 31 December (First Cymru bus services finish at around 7.00pm)


Who can use it?
We all can. If you’re travelling for work in Swansea or to enjoy a day out in the city centre or at one of our brilliant beaches, the service is free. You do not need to show proof that you live in Swansea to receive free travel.

What bus services are included in the offer?
Bus services operated by First Cymru, Adventure Travel, South Wales Transport, DANSA, Briggs and Stagecoach are included. The only services that are not included are:

Longer-distance coach services operated by National Express, Megabus and Flixbus
First Cymru’s Services 9A and 34 to and from the Park and Ride car parks.
If I get on a bus that’s going to a place outside the area, will I be charged even if I’m getting off in Swansea?
No. You just state your Swansea destination and take your seat.

If I’m going outside the area will I be charged the whole journey or just for the part that isn’t in Swansea?
If you are heading to a destination outside the Swansea area you have to pay for the whole trip. Please let the driver know when you get on board the bus. The cheapest option is normally a day ticket.

I want to go to the Bay Campus from Swansea Bus Station, for example. Will I be charged the whole journey or just for the part that’s in Neath?
You will be charged the whole fare. Our offer is only for a journey that is completely inside the Swansea area. If you are heading outside Swansea, you have to tell the driver your destination and pay the appropriate full fare.

Does this apply to Park and Ride?
No, but there are other offers available if you wish to use the park and ride services.

Are any of the bus services changing?
No. All the usual services are operating at their usual time. The only difference is that you can travel for free.

Who is paying for the free service?
It’s being paid for by the Council because we want to encourage people to use our local bus services now that the pandemic restrictions are easing. You will still need to wear a mask on the bus, in line with Welsh Government guidance, to keep you, the driver and fellow-travellers safe.

What if I have a season ticket?
You won’t need to show it while the offer is on. But there won’t be any refunds or extension of your season ticket.

I already have a free concessionary bus pass – how does this affect me?
People who hold an All Wales Concessionary Travel Pass, may continue to travel free of charge and passes should be shown as normal to the driver when boarding the bus.

Do I just have to get on the bus? Do I have to state my destination or get a ticket from the driver?
If the bus is operating wholly within Swansea all you need to do is get on board and enjoy the ride. If you’re getting on a bus that’s travelling outside Swansea please let your driver know so you can pay the appropriate fare. The offer applies only to those journeys which start and finish in Swansea.

Will all bus operators operate the same way?
Yes. It’ll be exactly the same whichever bus company you’re riding with.

What Covid-19 safe measures are being taken?
At the moment you must wear a mask on the bus. Also bus services are not currently allowed to carry standing passengers and people are allowed to sit only on forward-facing seats. This may have an effect on the number of passengers allowed per bus, so please plan ahead for your journey.

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