LIDL DEALS – 3m Clear/Duct Tape £2.49, Beetroot 39p, Tomatoes 99p, Curly Kale 49p, Pointed Mixed Peppers 89p, Grapefruit 29p, Lemon 59p

LIDL DEALS 30th Thursday December – 05th Wednesday January

Fruit And Veg (30th Dec – 05th Jan)
British Cooked Beetroot 500g 39p
Valentina Tomatoes 250g 99p
British Sliced Curly Kale 200g 49p
Sweet Pointed Mixed Peppers 240g 89p
Grapefruit 29p Each
Lemon 500g 59p

Meat (30th Dec – 05th Jan)
Crispy Aromatic Half Duck 570g £4.49
2 British Beef 28-Day Matured Rump Steaks With Mustard Butter 454g £6.49
4 Ultimate Aberdeen Angus British Beef Steak Burgers 680g £4.49
British Pork Mince 1kg £3.59
2 Cod Fillets 300g £2.99
Extra Lean British Beef Steak Mince 700g £4.99

Super Weekend Friday 31st Dec – Sunday 02nd (3 Days)

Wine N/A

Others (30th Dec – 05th Jan)
3m Clear/Duct Tape £2.49


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