LIDL DEALS – Apples 79p, Lemon 59p, Cherries 99p, Savoy Cabbage 35p, Green Beans 55p, Leeks 69p, Pecan Nuts £1.99, Grated Cheddar £1.29,

LIDL DEALS Thursday 24th Feb – Wednesday 02nd March

Fruit And Veg (24th Feb – 02nd Mar)
Granny Smith Apples 79p (Minimum 5)
Lemon 500g 59p
Cherries 200g 99p
British Savoy Cabbage 35p
Green Beans 220g 55p
British Leeks 500g 69p

Meat (24th Feb – 02nd Mar)
24 Reduced Fat British Beef Meatballs 680g £3.99
2 Breaded Haddock Fillets 300g £1.59
4 Sriracha British Pork Loin Steaks 440g £2.89
2 British Duck Legs 440g £3.99
Jumbo King Prawns 300g £4.99 (England & Wales Stores Only)
British Beef Sirloin Joint 1.8kg-2.2kg £14.99 Per kg
2 Wild Caught Cod Loins 240g £2.69 (Scotland & Wales Stores Only)
Whole Welsh Lamb Leg 1.8kg-2.7kg £9.99 (Wales Stores Only)

Super Weekend Friday 25th Feb – Sunday 27th Feb (3 Days)
Pecan Nuts 200g £1.99 Was £2.65
Full Flavoured Grated British Cheddar 450g £1.29 Was £2.65
Dishwasher Tablet 40 Tablets £2.49 Was £3.19

Wine: Italian Barolo 75cl £8.99 Was £11.99
Wine: Australian Shiraz 75cl £2.99 Was £3.99 (England Stores Only)

Others (24th Feb – 02nd Mar)
The Alps Week (24th Feb – 02nd Mar)

Pancake Week (24th Feb – 02nd Mar)