WHOME Pro Skateboards Complete for Adult Youth Kid & Beginner – 31″x8″ Double Kick Concave Standard Skateboard for Girl&Boy 8-ply Alpine Maple Deck ABEC-9 Bearings Include T-Tool

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Product Description


About us

WHOME is a skateboards design and manufacturer, Designed in Los Angeles.We researched and developed 5 major types of skateboards Street, Cruiser, Longboard, Special Design and Collaborate. Launched 20+ series include Classic double kick, Standard skateboard, Pro street, 27 inch Cruiser, Led wheels cruiser, Longboard, Downhill longboard, Dancing longboard, Small longboard, Mini&portable skateboard and Skateboard accessories, etc.


Kids SkateboardsKids Skateboards


53x36mm PU wheelsA356 aluminum alloy truck608RS ABEC-9 steel bearingsSalt spray tested hardwareLaser marking & thermal transfer technology

WHOME dedicates to skateboarding

Professional Brand – WHOME is a traditional skateboard design and manufacturer brand, all staff love skateboarding. We update the design and product according to tons of skateboard buyers users and fans’ feedback & review every yearDesign For – This skateboard is designed for both beginner and advanced, up 6-year and adult, you’d learn skateboarding and practice ollie, kickflip, grind more basic skate tricks with it. We also design more patterns for teenage & youth girl & boy adults & kids







Upgrade I – Wheel

Why do approximate 60% beginners give up skateboarding on the first 3 tries?

We researched that and find the reason , almost 80% beginners kids teens start skateboarding on the street road tough surface , but their first skateboard is the 51mm101A hardness wheels one that fits to the skatepark and pool very smooth skateboarding terrain. So, it’s hard to control easy to fall over, they don’t have fun and give it up.

According to this reason, we upgraded the wheels to 53mm 88A hardness, they could help out control and balance , more funny for the beginners to love skateboarding.

Upgrade II – Truck & Bearing

What have to do when our customers love skateboarding?

We could not do anything if the beginners only skateboarding 3 times, but we upgraded the wheels more and more beginners love the skateboarding, we have to upgraded the parts in advanced.

Upgraded the trucks to A356 aluminum alloy and medium carbon steel shaft inside.

Upgraded the bearings to 608RS ABEC-9 steel bearings , they provide duration sturdy for tons of skateboarding.

Upgrade III – Hardware & Technology

What is our vision for the product? What are we doing?

After many years, when your brother sister or suns find our WHOME skateboard in your garage or basement they want to try it on, our skateboards are working well.

So we choose the salt spray tested hardware, laser marking & thermal transfer technology.



【Design For】- This skateboard is designed for both beginner and advanced, up 6-year and adults, you could learn skateboarding and practice ollie, kickflip, grind more basic skate tricks like our videos with it. We also designed more patterns that thermal transfer on the back of deck for teenage & youth girl & boy adults & kids.
【Why Upgrade】 – We researched why about 50% beginners give up skateboard for the first 3 times. Most start skateboarding on the street tough surface, but their first skateboard’s wheels are small&hard fit to the skatepark&pool smooth skate terrain. It’s difficult to control easy to fall over, no fun so give it up. Acc to this reason, we upgraded to 53mm 88A little bigger&softer wheels obtain more balance that’s important to control&enjoy skate, you’d learn skating&tricks easily on ordinary road.
【Parts Detail】- 31 x 8 inch full size standard skateboard, 18 inch wheelbase, Max load: 220lbs. 8 layer alpine hard rock maple double kick concave Deck with premium grip tape. 5 inch A356 aluminum alloy pro Truck with medium carbon steel shaft. WHOME high precision steel ABEC-9 Bearings. The upgraded PU Wheels are not cruising wheels, only standard skateboard’s. Anti rust Hardware.
【Get & Give】 – WHOME All-in-one T-Tool, No assembly required, just for adjusting the screw with different terrains weights and ages. So you could give the skateboard to anyone for nice gift for cool present. Our fan-favorite 12-month warranty and friendly customer service with both you.